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"Quintessence" album out!

2012-08-19 16:47:19 by Aozora

I had fun while making this album. It's a bit more on the experimental edge, while still maintaining the dreamy textures and eerie, immersive walls of sound.

I uploaded the whole full-length on Bandcamp, and you can both listen and freely download the individual tracks here on Newgrounds. ^-^
01. Crystal Moon (5:12)
02. Chimes (2:54)
03. Mantra (2:17)
04. Aether (5:20)
05. Martian Dawn (8:38)
06. Shades of Black (1:42)
07. Wandering (5:16)
Total time - 31:21

"Quintessence" album out!


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2012-08-19 17:10:49

This music makes me feel so miserable. Every track's a heavy hand around my neck. The cover looks mouldy, a water colour stored in a damp attic for too long. Congratulations on the release and i'm glad you enjoyed creating it. I downloaded it.

Aozora responds:

Thank you very much for your comment! :D